Saturday, January 13, 2007

ACA Legislative Agenda

The Amputee Coalition of America is pushing legislation in 21 states in 2007 that would require insurers to provide coverage that allows policyholders to receive the prosthetic device they need. Here's how ACA frames the issue:

"In return for premiums paid for group health insurance, consumers expect to be covered for catastrophic illness or injury. Sadly, without legislation to ensure coverage, many people living with the loss or absence of a limb are facing discouraging obstacles when trying to obtain prosthetic care. Current changes in insurance plans are having a devastating effect on amputees and their families..."

The Coalition's online advocacy center includes a wealth of information on the issue and this initiative, including the status of legislation or coalition building in each state. The organization is also maintaining a blog specificly focused on its legislative campaigns. In a previous post I highlighted an upcoming volunteer night in DC that will help support the overall legislative effort. For more information on these efforts you can contact the ACA's Advocacy Dept. at (202) 742-1885 or

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