Monday, February 5, 2007

Basketball star doesn't sweat extra digits

The Athens Banner Herald has this article on Auburn Tiger basketball player Frank Tolbert. Tolbert is a starting guard for the Tigers and also has polydactyly. Excerpt from the article follows:

Tolbert doesn't set himself apart with his high tempo alone. He also has a small extra finger protruding from the side of both hands, a birth defect called polydactyly. It doesn't give him any edge gripping the ball.

"People come up and ask me, 'Can I move it? Does it affect me?' I always just tell them, no," said Tolbert, whose father and grandmother also have extra digits. "It's just there."

He's not sensitive about the subject, laughing off the occasional heckling from opposing fans. He particularly liked one visiting fan's sign that read: "Hey, Frank. High Six."

"It just makes me laugh," Tolbert said. "I always joke around about my fingers anyway."

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