Thursday, March 29, 2007

6-Year-Old Undergoes Toe to Hand Transfer

From the Baltimore Examiner:

Hector Salas endured nine hours of surgery Tuesday and emerged sporting a new ring finger.

The 6-year-old underwent a procedure that removed a toe from his foot and added a finger to one of his hands, which only had a thumb and “nubbins.”

Complications usually surface within the first five days following surgery, and the first 24 hours hold the most danger, said Dr. James Higgins, a surgeon who performed the operation at Union Memorial Hospital’s Curtis National Hand Center.


tb said...

I came across this article as well that predates the article on March 23. It includes a picture of Hector's hand prior to the procedure.

Jacqueline Salguero said...

Good afternoon I just trying to find the picture but I can´t :(