Monday, March 12, 2007

Cleveland Clinic

I came across this overview from the Cleveland Clinic that includes a good straight-forward explanation of the most common congenital limb conditions, treatment options, and information for relevant staff at the Clinic. I dug around in the Cleveland Clinic site to try and find a page dedicated to the Clinic's approach and resources for treating limb differences. The closest I could come up with is the Pediatric Plastic Surgery Section and the Orthopedic Surgery Section.

I haven't read or heard anecdotally about the Clinic's reputation for pediatric plastic or orthopedic surgery, surgical rehabilitation or the specific experience its specialists have with limb differences. While it's always risky to make assumptions about an institutions ability to diagnose and treat rare conditions, given the Clinic's national reputation it's probably fair to assume that if your seeking initial information and treatment options you'll be well served. This is especially true if you need to seek treatment in the Cleveland area and don't have access to other treatment centers in the Midwest or East Coast.

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