Sunday, April 8, 2007

A bit of Easter Sunday inspiration...

Came across the story of Keiron McCammon who blogs at A One Handed Blog. McCammon lost an arm in a paragliding accident over a year ago and since has been blogging about his experiences. He's recently started receiving some well deserved media coverage. I'd recommend reading this piece on the San Francisco Chronicle website that details McCammon's accident as well as his drive to maintain the momentum behind his startup company. From the Chronicle piece:

Today, McCammon has not only adjusted, he is thriving. He swapped his Jeep Wrangler for a Toyota Prius with the license plate 1 HANDED, commuting 80 miles round-trip from his Danville home in the carpool lane. He types with four fingers on one hand rather than pecking at the keyboard with two fingers on each. He has experimented with prosthetics so he can get back to the activities he enjoys, from practicing yoga to riding a bike to playing the guitar. This winter, he hit the slopes to snowboard again. As an amputee, he gets half-price lift tickets.

McCammon blogs about his experiences at He uses Kaboodle's software to compile resources for others who have lost a hand.

That passion for technology's life-changing potential has convinced McCammon that within five to 10 years, he will have a bionic hand, a transplant or the ability to grow a new one. In the meantime, his wife's love and his ambition for this tiny startup lift his spirits, much in the same way the wind used to propel his glider.

"You have to have something that drives you to get out of bed and get back to life as quickly as possible," McCammon said. "For me, it was Kaboodle."
(Hat Tip: Bethgo)

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BethGo said...

Wow your plug is so much better than mine. I just wrote, "I like him".
I've found your blog really interesting in that it is completely different from mine yet deals with the same issues in some ways.
Mine is all about my feelings while yours is about facts and resources and is really helpful. I am linking to you.